The beautiful beaches of the Algarve

Praia da Marinha

With a coastline of around 170 kilometers everyone can find a beach that perfectly suits his or her needs. Do you like busy, lively beaches? Than you should go to the west of the Algarve. Or do you prefer quiet beaches? Than beaches more eastern are the place for you. There is a great diversity of beaches, from wide sand beaches to small bays with incredible rock formations. The following beaches are our favorites.

Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha is seen as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. The sea has a beautiful turquoise color and the surroundings of the beach consist of magnificent cliffs and rock formations. It is the perfect place to go snorkeling and definitely a beach worthwhile to visit.

Praia de Dona Ana

A beautiful sand beach with rock formations you can’t stop looking at. Another great feature of this beach is that you can take a short boat trip to discover the most unique places in between rocks and cliffs.

Praia Verde

Praia Verde, Portuguese for “green beach”, is a wide sand beach situated next to a pine tree forest. The sea is calm and very suitable for snorkeling. This beach is located very close to Tavira. From Praia Verde you can take a boat trip to the island Ilha de Tavira, which also offers beautiful white beaches.

Praia do Camilo

Via a stairway consisting of around 200 steps you can enter this small beach ‘Praia do Camilo’. This bay is surrounded by impressive cliffs that create beautiful picture backgrounds.

Praia de Odeceixe

At the mouth of the river Ribeira de Seixe you find the idyllic little beach Praia de Odeceixe. At times when the tide is out little lagoons are created that can be a wonderful place for children to play.